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It’s going to be a very merry holiday for college students around the country. A month off! Home to visit family and friends and share (some of) their stories of adventure.

How do you suppose they prepared their dorm rooms for their month away?
Did they turn off the lights?
Unplug their refrigerators and monitors?
Turn back their room temperature?

With an Energy Management System, your holidays with be very merry, too. You can control all of those things remotely using your EMS. It doesn’t matter if dorm residents completely shut off the HVAC, which could cause pipes to freeze in a winter climate, or humidity to skyrocket in a humid climate.The pipes won’t freeze and the humidity won’t rise, because with an EMS, you’ve remotely changed all the thermostats to ‘vacation set back’ mode.
It doesn’t matter if they left their lights on. You’ve remotely turned them off from the comfort of your couch, with a glass of holiday cheer in hand.
And those energy vampires they’ve left plugged in? You can say, “sorry, wrong holiday!” and remove power from them before hitting the slopes on your own vacation.

You can save up to 40% on your in-room utility expenses by investing in an Energy Management System.

Your facilities tasks will be streamlined as well.
What a gift!