IOT solutions for the hospitality market

Telkonet provides sustainable technologies for the hotel industry to optimize operational, energy and resource efficiency while delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Energy costs are the second largest expense for the hotel and tourism industry and most hotels still lack the data or technology to improve their energy consumption. Even though guest rooms in hotels are occupied 70% of the time, they consume 40-80% of total energy.

The Telkonet EMS provides real-time information (such as occupancy and actual energy production) to enable the hotel manager to take timely action in order to avoid energy waste. In addition to reducing consumption, energy management solutions also have advanced monitoring features that enable managers to gather valuable information about a particular hotel’s energy use, using the data provided to make energy-efficiency decisions about the activities taking place within the hotel.

Efficient solutions

With Telkonet’s Energy Management System solutions, internal operations and productivity can be optimized by providing useful information that enables proactive and predictive maintenance and remote troubleshooting.

People-centric hospitality

EMS systems make it possible to improve the work environment because by optimizing internal production processes, operators can focus on higher value-added activities.

Case Studies

Telkonet has successfully deployed more than 700,000 devices in more than 4,000 properties including hotels, military bases and multi-family housing.