Student Housing

IOT Solutions for Student Housing

Telkonet provides sustainable technologies for the student housing market to optimize operational efficiency and energy usage, promote sustainability, and extend the life of HVAC equipment. All of this while providing a comfortable environment for residents.

A typical dorm room is only occupied 30% of the day, yet it consumes a significant amount of energy whether anyone is there or not.

A Telkonet energy management system can save student housing properties up to 45% of their in-room energy expenditure. It can also provide the facilities manager with real-time information (such as HVAC runtime and actual energy production) so they can take timely action to avoid energy waste. In addition to reducing consumption, a Telkonet energy management platform features advanced monitoring to enable facilities managers to address equipment issues before they become more significant problems.

Sustainability Considerations- Prospective Students

In a 2019 Princeton Review Survey, a majority (64%) of respondents said having information about a college’s commitment to environmental issues would contribute to their application decisions, with 23% indicating it would contribute “strongly. 

Efficient solutions

Telkonet’s Energy Management solutions can optimize internal operations and productivity by providing helpful information that enables proactive and predictive maintenance and remote troubleshooting.

People-centric hospitality

EMS systems make it possible to improve the work environment because by optimizing internal production processes, operators can focus on higher value-added activities.

Case Studies

Telkonet has successfully deployed more than 700,000 devices in more than 4,000 properties including hotels, military bases and multi-family housing.