Energy savings for MDU

MDU (student housing, assisted and senior living,multi-family residential) management groups have a vested interest in lowering utility expenses and maintaining ultimate control of energy expenditure. We’ve got the solution: tenants use in-room Telkonet thermostats to control HVAC units in their living spaces. These thermostats ride on the Rhapsody platform and are ultimately controlled by the building manager or maintenance engineer, who can configure maximum and minimum setbacks, control demand response, among other things, and re-assign to new tenants when the time comes.

Telkonet’s energy management system features smart thermostats with built-in, highly calibrated occupancy sensors, which allow room temperature to drift when rooms are unoccupied. Occupancy-based energy savings is the silver lining for any assisted MDU facility. Seize this opportunity to save up to 45% on your utility bills, with an estimated ROI of 3 years.

Resident Control

Telkonet thermostats feature user-friendly interfaces. They can customize their own thermostat schedules to promote energy efficiency while they’re away. Residents can also control their thermostats remotely using the intuitive Rhapsody mobile app.

Property’s control

Telkonet’s Rhapsody platform takes advantage of existing Wi-Fi access points to communicate with the property’s thermostats. They use Rhapsody to dictate temperature ranges, troubleshoot issues remotely, and can easily retrieve control if tenants move out.

Case Study

Telkonet provides energy management system solutions for the MDU market: student housing, senior and assisted living, and apartments (Multi-Family Residential).