Military Base Energy Management

Soldiers spend the majority of their time away from their homes. Stop wasting HVAC and lighting expenses on unoccupied spaces. Telkonet’s occupancy-based energy management system controls energy usage, and features a highly secure platform.


Military housing projects have unique network security requirements. And while Telkonet systems provide security to all of our customers, military housing requires an extra layer of security.

Telkonet networks operate independently from the base networks and use highly secure communications protocols to transmit data for access by the appropriate personnel. Telkonet commonly provides the interface for all the data to be integrated with the base Building Automation System using the BACnet communications standard protocol.

Energy Savings

In keeping with US military budgetary resources, saving energy is their second most important EMS priority. Residents are away from their homes for up to 70% of the day, providing an excellent opportunity to save energy. Temperatures drift while residents are away, and return to comfortable temperatures upon their return.

Resident Control

Telkonet thermostats feature user-friendly interfaces. They can customize their own thermostat schedules to promote energy efficiency while they’re away. Residents can also control their thermostats remotely using the intuitive Rhapsody mobile app.

Wi-Fi Communication

Telkonet’s Rhapsody platform takes advantage of existing Wi-Fi access points to communicate with the property’s thermostats.

And although residents are given access to Rhapsody in order to control their thermostats, ultimate control resides with the property managers. They can dictate temperature ranges, troubleshoot issues remotely, and can easily retrieve control if residents ship out.