Telkonet Inc


As an IoT technology leader, our mission is to provide buildings with smart energy solutions to help reduce energy consumption and minimize the world’s carbon footprint.

Our approach

Telkonet is a customer-oriented organization that promotes energy conservation and environmentally friendly practices.

Telkonet’s talented multidisciplinary team is committed to finding innovative solutions to help clients optimize energy expenditure. Telkonet collaborates with their clients to design sustainable solutions across all their properties, so they gain more control over their energy usage, easily track energy savings, and engage guests on a deeper level.


The hotel’s priority is to make guests happy. “Heads in beds.” That’s why it is our priority, too. Our solution will manage energy but not at the expense of guest comfort.


Our solution is not achieved at the expense of property, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. For example, reducing the HVAC equipment life because they’re not running in the appropriate settings, or humidity damage to walls, carpets, etc.


Our solution controls each room independently and maximizes energy savings while placing the first two priorities ahead of it.

Who we are

Founded in 1999 as a communication and network provider, Telkonet has developed into a leading IoT innovator focused on intelligent automation and Energy Management Solutions. With its headquarter in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Telkonet is made up of a diverse team of 30 employees working together across the United States to achieve our shared commitment to sustainability. The core strength of the organization lies in the unique experiences and engagement of each member, making collaborative teamwork a key element to our success. Through its lean structure, effective communication and alignment is maintained between all levels in the company to achieve the organization’s goals and value.

Our Group

The VDA-Telkonet Group is the largest global player in the field of EMS and GRMS for the world Hospitality market.

The Group defines the future of the sector by focusing on People as a valuable element of smart technologies and by offering the right balance between maximizing comfort and saving energy.

The Group is the global leader in IoT Hospitality technologies. As the industry’s leading solution provider, the Group’s experience in the service and support of its customers benefits them in all phases of their projects, from consulting to engineering, to delivery and ongoing support of the completed project. With around 1 million rooms installed in 50 countries and more than 60 years of experience and two in-house R&D Teams of around 40 engineers with hardware and software expertise, the Group demonstrates a deep knowledge of the markets in which it operates and is a strategic partner for the global Hospitality market.


We enhance ‘People’ environments through the development of sustainable strategies that improve the relationship between People and the surrounding