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Thermostats that effectively control the indoor VRF/VRV unit plus accept commands from Daikin’s InTouch panel.



“At DXS, we are at the forefront of Green Building Solutions. Our innovative collaboration with Telkonet seamlessly integrates IoT technology, VRF expertise, and Daikin’s InTouch Manager. DXS is proud to lead the way in transforming smart building solutions, making significant strides towards seamless and eco-friendly HVAC systems.” 

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Telkonet/DXS Innovation 

DXS and Telkonet worked together to engineer a thermostat solution for a project that featured the Daikin VRV system. The result was a thermostat that functions with many VRF systems. 

For this solution, Telkonet modified their typical five-wire thermostat to one that uses a small Intesis/DXS-provided Modbus translator to communicate to the Daikin VRV FCU.  

This allowed the Telkonet thermostat to function as usual, by sending its commands and room monitored temperature over the Daikin P1P2 comm network to the indoor unit. The Telkonet thermostat can also read the Daikin Indoor Unit Error Codes and display an “alarm” on the LCD of the thermostat. DXS tested this system in their labs and demonstrated its effectiveness to the hotel developer. The solution is now installed at the property.  

Centralized Control Without full BMS  

During their testing, DXS discovered that the Telkonet program was also backward compatible with the Daikin I-Touch Manager (ITM). The result? When you make a change at the ITM, that command is also recognized by the Telkonet thermostat. This is an advantage when the owner wants centralized control of the HVAC system but does not want a full blown BMS system. 

About Telkonet 

As an IoT technology leader, Telkonet provides buildings with smart energy solutions to help reduce energy consumption and minimize the world’s carbon footprint. 

About DXS 

DXS specializes exclusively in Variable Refrigerant Volume/Flow (VRV/VRF) air-source heat pumps, and in complementary technology and controls that reduce building energy use and emissions. 

About Daikin InTouch Manager 

The intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is an advanced multi-zone controller that controls and monitors the Daikin VRV system. The iTM can also provide a cost-effective mini building management system (BMS) solution to integrate and control third-party devices through optional software and hardware.