Smart Thermostat Touch Combo

Touch Combo

The Touch Combo smart thermostat features the three most common wireless communication protocols,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, all in one device.

What's New

  • Features 3 communication protocols: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.
  • Works with the new energy management software Rhapsody
  • Accommodates 24 VAC relay power.
  • HVAC controller and user interface in one
  • Occupants have the ability to control their thermostats through Wi-Fi via their mobile devices
  • Features built-in humidistat for accurate humidity
  • Does not require additional equipment
  • Can control thermostat using Rhapsody mobile app
  • Line powered only


IoT device for smart rooms

The Touch Combo operates with a direct Wi-Fi connection to the internet and existing Wi-Fi access points. And it uses Zigbee to integrate with the full suite of Telkonet IoT devices and sensors as well as third-party IoT devices like door locks. Bluetooth is now featured for integration with BLE-technology such as panic buttons and door locks.

Building owners can control thermostats and the energy use in the building, while at the same time giving their tenants the ability to control their thermostats with their own Wi-Fi via their mobile devices. No other platform today is capable of offering this.

Touch Combo is designed for energy efficiency at university housing, senior living, and multi-family facilities, essentially all managed housing that have already invested in robust Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Light sensing also aids in accurate occupancy detection, especially at night.
It features built-in humidistat for accurate humidity sensing.

  • Universally compatible across a wyde array of HVAC systems
  • Built-in occupancy sensor
  • Wireless communication with Telkonet’s integration server
  • Built-in dry contact for door contacts, third party occupancy, DND systems and more
  • Two operating modes: Independent and Integration
  • Full-color glass capacitive touch flat screen

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