Is your network secure?

Absolutely, the Telkonet’s Rhapsody and EcoSmart networks are secure.

All the data gathered by the collection of Rhapsody devices is transmitted to the Rhapsody software hosted by Amazon Web Services through a highly secure protocol. Regular checks, security/ vulnerability updates, and data backups ensure the ongoing availability of the service.

EcoSmart devices communicate using the Zigbee communication protocol.

Zigbee and Wi-Fi share the same 2.4 GHz band. However, Zigbee will not interfere with Wi-Fi connections. Zigbee channels can squeeze in between the large Wi-Fi channels without interference. We use channels 15, 20, 25 and 26.

Zigbee products have been designed to be immune to RF interference, the standard has 16 channels in the global 2.4 GHz frequency band, giving it plenty of room to inter-operate successfully with other systems operating in the same range.

What kinds of HVAC systems can you control?

Telkonet thermostats can control most PTAC, fan coil, and VRF units.

Do I need a door contact?

As a rule, Telkonet thermostats do not need supplemental occupancy detectors, since their built-in PIR sensors are correctly calibrated and strategically placed in the room. There are generally two exceptions: additional occupancy detectors are recommended in large spaces, and in spaces with multiple rooms (such as a living space and a separate bedroom).

Telkonet door contacts can also serve a different purpose: they can detect patio doors and windows that have been left open. With this information, you can configure alerts to be issued, and you can trigger events, such as turning off air conditioning until the door or window is closed.

How will my team learn Rhapsody or EcoCentral?

After your Telkonet system is installed, we will conduct a personalized training session with your group, typically via webinar. Your success is our success, so we will make sure you’re comfortable with your new system before completing the session. We also provide installation and maintenance guides for our products and platform, and online tutorials and videos.

Do you have a support line?

Yes, our experienced  support team is available for all customers with support subscriptions. The team is located in our Waukesha, Wisconsin headquarters, alongside our development engineers, project managers and firmware developers.

What if my budget only allows for basic thermostats?

We get it. An energy management system is an investment. However, there is no need to forego an energy management system altogether. We offer stand-alone thermostats. Our thermostats (and occupancy sensors, for that matter) can be installed as stand-alone devices, and in the future, you can add the Telkonet network. That’s one of the benefits of Telkonet thermostats: they can grow with you

Do the Rhapsody and EcoSmart platforms include door locks?

The Rhapsody and EcoSmart platforms interface with common door lock manufacturers like VingCard, Saflok and Salto. These door locks can be easily integrated into the Rhapsody or EcoSmart network.

Does your system work with my mobile phone?

Yes. Our systems work with mobile devices in a few different ways.

  1. If you are a facilities manager or DOE for a property, you can access the platform using a mobile app. You no longer have to be tied to your desk; now you can be out in the field, consulting Rhapsody or EcoCentral from wherever you are.
  2. Residents can control their thermostats from their smart phones, if you choose to offer this feature. This is more common in dormitories, MDU’s, and military residences than in hotels.
  3. In hotels, we have an API that can integrate into your brand loyalty app, for use by your guests.

How does your humidity control work?

As you may be aware, running your air conditioner can reduce humidity. The problem is that air conditioning only runs until the room reaches a certain temperature, regardless of the humidity.

Telkonet thermostats, on the other hand, control humidity using a “Refresh Cycle”. When a room is unoccupied, our thermostat instructs the HVAC unit to aggressively cool the room, not to a specific temperature but rather, to a pre-defined level of humidity. As long as the room is unoccupied, the HVAC unit is working to control humidity.

Then when the occupant returns to her room, the temperature returns to her preferred set point within a predefined number of minutes (8 minutes, for example).

It’s an intelligent compromise between a mold-free environment, guest comfort and energy savings.

Do you provide low voltage and high voltage thermostats?

Yes, we provide high and low voltage, and they’re all in one thermostat! Whether your project calls for 18v or 277v, Telkonet thermostats can accommodate it. And no special orders required. This is one instance in which one size really does fit most.

How large is the viewing area of your onboard sensors?

To be perfectly clear, the sensors are not “viewing” anything or anyone. All Telkonet thermostats feature PIR sensors, detecting motion and heat.

The further away someone is from the unit, the more motion will be required to detect him. We’ve defined three detection zones:

  • 0-9ft Extreme Sensitivity Zone
  • 9-18ft Medium Zone
  • 18-25ft Larger Motion Zone

In spaces larger than this, we recommend an EcoSense+ occupancy sensor to complement the thermostat.

Where do I call with a problem?

Our experienced support team is ready to assist with your questions, at support@telkonet.com or 800-380-9640. The team is located in our home office, just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In fact, they share office space with our Engineers. That means our support team has ready access to the experts, for answers to even the most complicated questions

Can I communicate to other devices?

Yes. Telkonet  products are Zigbee HA compliant, so they easily interface with devices from other Zigbee HA Compliant manufacturers, like Saflok, Axxess, , Volara, and many more. Furthermore, Rhapsody thermostats are Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. We pride ourselves on our interoperability with other technology: Smart door locks, voice controllers, intelligent TV’s.

Are there any rebates available for my property?

Yes, there’s a good chance you’re eligible for rebates. We urge you to research available rebates in your area. We recommend visiting http://www.dsireusa.org/ and your local utility company.

Read more about rebates in our page,  Rebates for Energy Efficient Thermostats