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The Telkonet EMS Solution saves energy, typically 20-45% per room. Our solution provides building management with ultimate control over energy consumption, yet maintains guest comfort. The solution increases operational efficiencies. The typical ROI is 2-3 years.


Rhapsody is Telkonet’s second-generation automation platform. The cloud-based Rhapsody EMS platform tracks energy savings room-by-room, monitors HVAC runtime, offers actionable reports, and issues real-time alerts for proactive problem-solving. Features also include the ability to customize a property’s temperature settings based on such statuses as whether a unit is occupied, the current season (summer/winter profile settings), and even which rooms are located on the sunny versus shady sides of the building.

Its innovative open-system technology enables it to integrate with the communication protocols your property already uses: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. System setup and network installation are quick and easy. And because it’s Wi-Fi capable, it saves time, effort, and expense by using existing Wi-Fi access points.

Rhapsody Mobile App

The Rhapsody mobile application is a powerful tool for installers and property management. The Rhapsody mobile application is engineered for easy commissioning of in-room IoT devices. Setup is a breeze because the heavy lifting has been done for you. For property management, Rhapsody Mobile offers virtually the same data as the cloud version.

MDU Market

In the MDU market, the Rhapsody mobile application is a convenient tool that residents can use to set up occupancy schedules and configure “smart away” for even more energy savings. It even allows residents to control their thermostats remotely, whether they’re down the street or on the other side of the world. And in terms of Wi-Fi, no other technology in the industry is capable of utilizing two different Wi-Fi platforms: one for the resident, and a backup Wi-Fi for the property.

Touch Combo


The stylish Touch Combo thermostat is brand new to the marketplace. It is a high-end thermostat and controller in one device that features a sleek design and haptic feedback. The glass display front is fully customizable: add your logo to the glass screen, and customize the button functionality.

Touch Combo can utilize Wi-Fi for networking, Bluetooth for mobile setup and control, and Zigbee (optional) for remote sensors such as smart door locks. Touch Combo is designed for energy efficiency at properties that already have robust Wi-Fi infrastructures, a significant savings on installation labor and parts. It is Bluetooth enabled, so it integrates smoothly with BLE devices like smart door locks. With its optional Zigbee capability, Touch Combo easily integrates with other Zigbee enabled devices like smart door locks and voice controllers.

With its passive infrared occupancy sensor calibrated to extreme sensitivity, there is little risk of the Touch Combo entering an ‘unoccupied’ mode when guests are asleep, yet is designed for optimal energy savings.

A light-level sensor aids in detecting occupancy (extended time to detect occupancy at night when guests are typically sleeping). It features a standard built-in humidity sensor, and can optionally control humidity in many cases.