EcoTouch+ Wireless Thermostat

The EcoTouch+ wireless thermostat user interface with internal occupancy detection offers a flexible state-of-the-art room automation and energy savings solution with a sleek, updated, ultra-thin and modern design.

What's New

Telkonet boasts best-in-class occupancy sensing technology with ultra-sensitive wide-angle passive infrared and active IR detection. No more false readings: the EcoTouch+ will not switch to unoccupied mode when your guest is sleeping and it will not remain in an occupied mode when vacant.

Battery-powered, it can be installed in the optimum location in the room without concern for existing wiring. It features a PIR occupancy sensor, calibrated to extreme sensitivity. Paired with an EcoSmart controller, it offers a complete HVAC control solution.

Available in Black or White and Silver or Gold side color bands

Ready to Get Started?

Take advantage of Telkonet’s occupancy-based HVAC and lighting control and save up to 40% on your utility bills. Our energy management platform allows you to maintain occupant comfort and realize maximum room-by-room energy savings.