EcoInsight+ Intelligent Thermostat

The EcoInsight+ is an intelligent thermostat that acts as the “brain” of the room, serving as the EcoSmart room automation controller.

What's New

The EcoInsight+ is a smart thermostat that serves as an energy management system and room automation controller; saving energy and maximizing guest comfort. The EcoInsight+ features advanced occupancy, light and humidity sensing, providing all expected functionality from a networked energy management thermostat for enhanced HVAC optimization.

EcoInsight+ is particularly well suited for new construction, when its location can be pre-determined without regard for previous wiring.

Like all EcoSmart thermostats, it features the proprietary Recovery Time Technology and offers full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral web application.

Owing to its Zigbee communication capabilities, EcoInsight+ easily integrates with most third-party smart devices on the market, like Saflok, Salto, and Axxess.

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