Identifies doors or windows that have been left open.


The EcoContact+ uses a magnetic contact to detect occupancy. It recognizes when entry doors, patio doors and windows open and close. It then transmits this data to the thermostat, which is programmed to act accordingly, in the manner defined by you.
An effective solution for supplementing occupancy detection in large or multi-angular living spaces, EcoContact+ proactively adjusts HVAC output when patio doors or windows are left open.
Available in Black or White. The EcoContact+ and magnet are sold as a pair and you can choose from among three magnet designs.

Complementary occupancy sensor for large or multi-room spaces.


Supplemental occupancy detection for exceptionally large or angular spaces and multi-room layouts.
The EcoSense+ contains a PIR, which detects body temperature AND motion. Our PIR sensors are optimized for use in spaces such as hotel rooms and dormitories. They are calibrated to extreme sensitivity so they can detect even subtle motion. EcoSense+ can report detailed statistics back to EcoCentral. EcoCentral monitors information such as remaining battery life and wireless signal strength. You can choose to receive alerts on these statuses at any time.
Like all EcoSmart devices, EcoSense+ easily integrates with other third-party Zigbee devices.

Turn off lights or other appliances based on occupancy or other commands from the platform


The EcoSwitch+ provides the aesthetics of standard light switches with advanced energy management capability. It can significantly reduce energy consumption while operating seamlessly a normal light switch.
It stops the flow of electricity to lights, conserving electricity that would have been wasted on an unoccupied space. It is simple to use, operating as a standard switch, yet providing sophisticated energy management capability.

Shut off power based on occupancy or other commands from the platform.


The EcoGuard+ energy management outlet provides the ability to stop the flow of power to an outlet, turning off lamps, TVs, appliances, and other energy-consuming loads.The EcoGuard+ combats energy vampires-those devices on stand-by power that are turned off but still use power when plugged in to an outlet.Its LED status indicator indicates smart outlet scanning during the pairing process. It features screw terminal installation, requiring wiring connections for line (hot), neutral, and ground.Device pairing to Zigbee certified gateways is easily accomplished.