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Did you know that an EMS typically pays for itself within 2-3 years? That is why we list increased energy savings as one of the top three EMS benefits.

Since Hotel rooms tend to be the main source of a Hotel’s energy wastage, occupancy-based Energy Management Systems specifically address saving energy in Hotel rooms. EMS vendors report that occupancy-based controls can provide 20-45% energy savings in a guestroom by automatically turning the HVAC, lighting, and other devices down or off in absence of the guest and also adjusting settings in unsold rooms which would be vacant by default. Some systems can even distinguish between guests and staff, saving energy even when the room is occupied during cleaning or maintenance.
Another benefit is that occupancy controls reduce peak demand. By intelligently and automatically reducing peak loads, central cooling systems can be downsized. Utility demand charges are also reduced.
With an EMS, you could be saving energy right this very moment!